Books and Sale Catalogues for Sale

Here is the list of books and sale catalogues which are open to offers by the seller.

1) Shorthorn Breeders – Review 1937 published by The Shorthorn Society
2) The Scotch Shorthorn 1946 – Herds of Scotland, England and Wales 1945-1947 by T B Marson
3) The Hopton Herd of Attested Dairy Shorthorns. Home sale catalogue 6th June 1952
4) The Osgodby Herd 1884. Private catalogue of Shorthorn cattle property of Riley Briggs Esq, Osgodby Hall, Selby.
5) Private catalogue of Shorthorn cattle, the property of Mr John Blundell, Woodside, Luton, Beds 1877
6) Sale catalogue of dispersal sale of The Caudle Herd of Dairy Shorthorns 23/7/1969
7) Dispersal sale catalogue of Kinmel Herd of Dairy Shorthorns 13/9/1969 (2 copies)
8) Hinxhill Dairy Shorthorn sale 22/5/1970 (2 copies).
9) Transactions of Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland 5th series volume XX 1908. A general information book relating to agriculture

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