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Penrith Sale - August 2021

20th August 2021

On Friday Penrith & District Farmers Mart LLP held a special show and sale of dairy cattle, including the annual show and sale of pedigree Dairy Shorthorn cattle.

The sale can only be described as a huge success, with several buyers and vendors commenting on how much dearer this sale was in comparison to others earlier in the week, the sum of £200-£300 up was regularly mentioned.

Dairy Shorthorns definitely achieved one of the dearest trades ever seen at Penrith. A top price of 2200gns was achieved from Messrs GA & D Dent, Winton House with lot 3, Winbrook Jill 183, giving 25ltrs after calving 6 days ago, selling to Messrs JE Holliday & Son, Bishop Aukland.  All freshly calved Dairy Shorthorn cattle sold averaged a staggering £1974. Mrs S Armstrong & Sons, Moorriggs, achieved 2050gns for a superb 3rd Calved cow, Moorriggs Lady Barrington 9, purchased by Messrs R Crank & Son.

Messrs Robinson, Strickley, sold Strickley Barrington Dot 31, a six-week-old red heifer calf to 550gns, purchased by Miss R Blenkharn, Ravenstonedale, the proceeds of which are bring donated to RABI from the Robinson family on behalf of The Westmorland County Show, of which Henry Robinson is the current president.

The pre-sale show was in the capable hands of Mr C Ward, Lancaster (Dairy Shorthorn) with the Dairy Shorthorn section kindly sponsored by The Dairy Shorthorn Cattle Society.

Show Results
Class 1 – Dairy Shorthorn Heifer In-milk
1st   Messrs Robinson, Strickley (lot 6) Strickley Peeress Rose 47
2nd   Messrs Ripley & Ramesar, (lot 16A) Oxton Clarity Susannah 9
3rd   M Jackson, Richmond Farm Cottage (lot 9) Bilbro Butterbur 7

Class 2 – Dairy Shorthorn Cow In-milk
1st Mrs DW Throup, Prospect Terrace (lot 1) Broadlane Mossrose 18

Class 3 – Dairy Shorthorn Maiden/Served Heifer
1st Messrs Robinson, Strickley (lot 20) Strickley Starlet 159th
2nd Mrs S Armstrong & Sons, Moorriggs (lot 24) Moorriggs Starbud 12

Class 5 – Dairy Shorthorn Bull
1st Messrs Ripley & Ramesar, Rywell Grange, Oxton Belfast (lot 27A)
2nd M Jackson, Richmond Farm Cottage, Oxton Bielsa (lot 25)

Champion – First Prize Dairy Shorthorn Cow In-milk from Mrs DW Throup, Prospect Terrace

Reserve Champion – First Prize Dairy Shorthorn Heifer In-milk from Messrs Robinson, Strickley

Leading Prices
In-Milk Heifers
Pedigree Dairy Shorthorn
2200gns Winbrook Jill 183;
2000gns Strickley Peerees Rose 47;
2000gns Strickley Foggathorpe Fragrance 51;
1920gns Kidstones Lady Laura 23;
1900gns Winbrook VI 183; 1900gns Bilbro Butterbur 7;
1850gns Oxton Ronald Wildeyes;
1850gns Oxton Clarity Susannah 9;
1800gns Strickley Oak Barrington 46

In-Calf Cows
Pedigree Dairy Shorthorn – 2050gns Moorriggs Lady Barrington 9; 1650gns Moorriggs Bessie Browneyes 20

In-Milk Cows
Pedigree Dairy Shorthorn – 1800gns Broadlane Mossrose 18

Pedigree Dairy Shorthorn – 550gns Strickley Barrington Dot 31