Showing Regulations

  1. All Cows and Heifers are required to be entered in the Coates’s Herd Book Main G/O or Supplementary Grading Register Grade B. To be red, white or roan in colour.
  2. Foundation, Grade A, Special A & Special B animals are not eligible to be shown.
  3. An animal jointly owned by more than one member must be exhibited under the jointly owned names and if one of the joint owners bred the animal it is eligible to be shown in any exhibitor bred class.
  4. No animal shall have its teats sealed nor the udder in any way ‘faked’.
  5. No substance, or physical manipulation, shall be used to enhance the body features or character of any animal. Any infringement of this rule shall entail disqualification of the animal concerned and the exhibitor shall be reported to the Council of the Shorthorn Society. If the Shorthorn Society is notified by the Show Society of any infringement or disqualification due to “faking” then the President and Secretary of the Shorthorn Society shall convene a meeting of the disciplinary committee whose decision on any appropriate punishment will be final.
  6. It is also a condition of the prize offers that the Judges be supplied with the following; information of any animal, if requested by them, (a) The exact date of birth. (b) If calved, the last date of calving.
  7. Shorthorn Society show uniform of dark blue trousers or dark blue/navy jeans (no black jeans) white shirt and Society tie to be worn by all handlers in all classes.
  8. Particulars of each animal, must be printed in the Catalogue.
  9. Show Societies accepting Rosettes are required to provide a marked catalogue indicating Awards immediately after the Show.
  10. A statement to the effect that the Shorthorn Society’s Regulations apply to the Show shall he printed in the Prize Schedule and the Catalogue.
  11. Judges shall be selected from the Shorthorn Societys list of Approved Judges.
  12. Animals should not he shown if they are bred by the Judge as advertised in the Show Schedule.

Dairy Shorthorns

Native Breed | Natural Grazers

Suitable for all types of production systems, particularly extended grazing and organic systems.

Dairy Shorthorn

Fertility, Locomotion, Longevity – the one breed that has it all. Milk yeilds of up to 10,000kg, combined with all the superior attributes of a native breed.