Dairy Shorthorn

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UK Dairy Day 2021

15th September 2021 | Judge: Owain Harries
UK Dairy Day 2021
UK Dairy Day 2021 - Championship

Dairy Shorthorn Heifer in Milk
1st   Churchroyd Nicola 28 – s. Churchroyd Wild Card – IRG Collins & Partners
2nd   Shaunlea Geri 19 – s. Shaunlea Gangster – S E Dixon & G R Holliday

Dairy Shorthorn Junior Cow in Milk (having had 2 or 3 calves)
1st   Churchroyd Bronte Wildeyes 51 – s. Treeton Pingerley IRG Collins & Partners
2nd   Churchroyd Nicola 20 – s. Churchroyd Wild Card – IRG Collins & Partners
3rd   Cotonhall Joyland Moonlight – s. Cotonhall Joyland – R D Kite & Son
4th   Shaunlea Geri 13 – s. Marleycote Cosmonaut S E Dixon & G R Holliday
5th   Kayl Park Chloe – s. Kayl National Park – J R Brooks Farming

Dairy Shorthorn Senior Cow in Milk (having had 4 or more calves)
1st   Cotonhall Butternut Sapphire – s. Blackwood Park Butternut – R D Kite & Son
2nd   Cotonhall Landmine Princess Anne – s. Panorama Landmine – R D Kite & Son
3rd   Dee Wild Queen 26, (A E Wilkes)

Champion: Churchroyd Bronte Wildeyes 51 – IRG Collins & Partners
Reserve Champion: Cotonhall Butternut Sapphire – R D Kite & Son
Honourable Mention: Cotonhall Landmine Princess Anne – R D Kite & Son