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Great Yorkshire Show 2019

Judge: David Winnington | 9th – 11th July 2019 |
Churchroyd Gentle 105 Champion
Churchroyd Gentle 105 Champion

This year’s Great Yorkshire show was, as always, a phenomenal shop window for the Dairy Shorthorn breed as the exhibitors pulled out all the stops for Judge David Winnington, Rantonall Herd, Staffordshire. David tapped out Churchroyd Gentle 105 from IRG Collins & Partners as this year’s Champion. “This cow was so well balanced that she had to be Champion today.”

Oxton Winfall Foggathorpe 852 Reserve Champion
Oxton Winfall Foggathorpe 852 Reserve Champion

This is the first major win for the Churchroyd King Willie EX92 daughter having calved her third, a heifer by Churchroyd Foggathorpe V, at the beginning of June.  “This intermediate cow has such dairyness and strength, she paraded on the best set of legs and feet in the class.”  Classified VG88 as a four-year-old, she completed 305 days at 7,518kgs 4.09BF and 3.31P in her second lactation.  She is currently giving 44kgs daily.  This cow seems to improve with age as she stood third here last year in the junior cow in milk class.  This year she has only been shown at Halifax show where she claimed the Championship. Churchroyd King Willie is sold via Shorthorn Sires UK.

Reserve Champion went to Oxton Farms with Oxton Winfall Foggathorpe 852 sired by Oxton Winfall EX91.  Yet another Shorthorn Sires UK bull. This is the first major win at the Great Yorkshire show for Oxton Farms since 1989 and the first time out for this junior cow.  “This sweet young junior cow had the best legs and feet on the day, she was so compact with a beautiful udder.”  Having calved her second in June at three years old she had a bull calf by Mapleton Valley Zumba.  She is currently giving 28kgs.

The Junior Championship and Overall Honourable Mention went to the heifer in milk Kidstones Lady Laura 20 from Alex Wilkes.  David Winnington said that “this heifer had such a presence in the ring, so eye catching with a beautiful udder.  She just ticked all the boxes”, by a homebred bull Kidstones Lordwin, this “well balanced” heifer calved three weeks ago and is currently giving 32kgs although she is yet to be recorded.  This is not the first victory for the youngster as she won the Thirsk Calf Show Championship in 2018.

In the calf Championship David had no hesitation in tapping out Oxton Ronald Serene 14 as his supreme. Led by Ashton Reilly this calf was “pure class, showing great dairy qualities, one that certainly has a bright future”.  A sentiment that is shared by the Oxton Farms herd manager Andrew Reilly who thinks that the Oxton Ronald progeny are very promising thus far.  Oxton Ronald is an Embryo from America, out of Hard Core Rebel Reagan by Ecuafarm Kaiser Royalty.  This calf is born in October 2018 and stood top in a class of seven.

Other class winners saw Martin Jackson top the eldest maiden heifer split with Bilbro Butterbur 6. This Irthingvale Emperor daughter went on to stand Reserve Calf Champion. This is the first time out for the youngster who has a bright future as her dam Bilbro Butterbur 3 was the Royal Highland Junior Champion in 2015 and Otley Breed Champion that same year. When commenting David said that she “combines dairyness and strength and tracks on an excellent set of legs and feet which placed her first today”.  IRG Collins & Partners won the in-calf heifer class, the largest class of the day with eight forward.  Churchroyd Heather 111 “showed lovely confirmation and promise underneath”. She is the last Ladino Park Talent embryo out of Churchroyd Heather 17 EX91 9* who has bred six excellent progeny to date.

In the dry cow class David started off the line up with Hutchinwood Robyn 7, “a tall upstanding cow with great presence and cleanliness through the shoulders and chest area” from Messrs Fleetwood.  This Vande Dominant Red daughter is coming with her fourth calf, due in August to sexed Cor-Bloo Ricochet.  The Fleetwood family have their fingers crossed that she will be on fine form to take to Dairy Day in September. The Fleetwood family also topped the senior cow class with Hutchinwood Sweetrose 23.  This Nixs Lido daughter is fresh with her fifth having calved just over two weeks ago, she has yet to be milk recorded but is currently giving 58kgs daily.  In the group classes IRG Collins & Partners led the pairs with the two intermediate cows in milk Churchroyd Gentle 105 and Churchroyd Heather 91.  These two were then joined by Churchroyd Lofty 3 to win the group of three, all are sired by Churchroyd King Willie is a bull that is certainly producing uniformed daughters with impressive udders.

On day two of the Great Yorkshire Show Judge Duncan Hunter let the Shorthorns shine in the Interbreed ring as Alex Wilkes started off with Reserve Interbreed Heifer in Milk.  The Collins family then scooped up the Reserve Exhibitor Bred Pairs, Reserve in the Blythewood and then followed with the Overall Reserve Supreme title.  But the icing on the cake was most definitely when Duncan tapped out the Shorthorn team of five as Supreme Champions.  The team consisted of Churchroyd Gentle 105, Oxton Winfall Foggathorpe 852, Kidstones Lady Laura, Hutchinwood Robyn 7 and Hutchinwood Sweetrose 49.  Huge Congratulations to all the exhibitors for a fantastic display of Shorthorns, they are a credit to you all.

Finally, a special mention to the young members at the show who were exceptional.  To name but a few that shone, Ashton Reilly for leading his calf to the Championship, Georgia Bowman for winning the 9-12years old interbreed handling class and Harry Collins for winning the Supreme Interbreed Handling Honours.  The future is bright with you all at the helm.


Maiden Heifer, born January to June 2016

  1. Bilbro Butterbur 6 – s. Irthingvale Emperor – M jackson
  2. Bilbro Vain Lucy 2 – s. Churchroyd Wild Card – M Jackson
  3. Hauxwell Foggathorpe 36 – s. Oxton Clarity – D Throup
  4. Newpark Snowdrop 35 – s. Oxton Clarity – D Craig
  5. Newpark Margaret 33 – s. Oxton Clarity – D Craig
  6. Oxton Clarity Waterloos Rose 68 – s. Oxton Clarity – V Bowman

Maiden Heifer, born July-December 2016

  1. Oxton Ronald Serene 14 s. Oxton Ronald Oxton Farms
  2. Kidstones Wild Queen s. Kidstones Foggy A Wilkes
  3. Parkhouse Pansy 7 s. Oxton Clarity V Bowman
  4. Churchroyd Bronte Wildeyes 60 s. Churchroyd Goldwin J&W Young
  5. Bilbro Tulip 5 s. Churchroyd King Willie M Jackson
  6. Newpark Lilywhite 49 s. Lenborough Field D Craig
  7. Hutchinwood Charlotte 7 s. Cotonhall Titan Messrs Fleetwood

Heifer In Calf

  1. Churchroyd Heather 111 s. Ladino Park Talent J&W Young
  2. Hutchinwood Sweetrose 50 s. Churchroyd King Willie Messrs Fleetwood
  3. Bilbro Heather 4 s. Irthingvale Emperor M Jackson
  4. Mossrigg Barrington Iris 8 s. Cotonhall Ambrose J Fisher
  5. Hutchinwood Sweetrose 49 s. Churchroyd King Willie Messrs Fleetwood
  6. Hauxwell Pauline 3 s. Oxton Clarity D Throup
  7. Winbrook Cactus 35 s. Winbrook Nixon D Dent
  8. Bilbro Dewdrop Rose 106 s. Churchroyd Wild Card M Jackson

Cow In Calf

  1. Hutchinwood Robyn 7 – s. Dominic Red – Messrs Fleetwood
  2. Oxton Zumba Belladonna – s. Mapleton Valley Zumba – Oxton Farms
  3. Churchroyd Heather 50 – s. Churchroyd Victor – J&W Young
  4. Winbrook Vi 168 – s. Winbrook Pedro – D Dent
  5. Bilbro Heather 2 – s. Bilbro Barney – M Jackson
  6. Bilbro Tulip – s. Blackwood Park Dan – M Jackson

Heifer In Milk

  1. Kidstones Lady Laura 20 s. Kidstones Lordwin A Wilkes
  2. Churchroyd Nicola 20 s. Churchroyd Wild Card IRG Collins
  3. Irthingvale Ronson Tulip s. Rodway Ronson G&B Bell
  4. Winbrook Vi 175 s. Lemongrove Hoffman D Dent
  5. Churchroyd Lofty 3 s. Churchroyd King Willie IRG Collins
  6. Shaunlea Geri 13 s. Marleycote Cosmonaut S Dixon
  7. Oxton Plato Wildeyes 917 s. Oceansbrae Logics Plato Oxton Farms
  8. Mossrigg Barrington Duchess 9 s. Blissful Ted’s Spurgeon J M Fisher

Junior Cow

  1. Oxton Winfall Foggathorpe 852 s. Oxton Winfall Oxton Farms
  2. Churchroyd Lady Rose 30 s. Churchroyd Henry IRG Collins
  3. Kidstones Yana 11 s. Churchroyd General Jack A Wilkes
  4. Shaunlea Geri 9 s. Marleycote Dilemma S Dixon
  5. Bilbro Beatrice 3 s. Churchroyd Goldwin IRG Collins
  6. Broadlane Moss Ross 18 s. Rodway Redman D Throup

Intermediate Cow

  1. Churchroyd Gentle 105 s. Churchroyd King Wille IRG Collins
  2. Churchroyd Heather 91 s. Churchroyd King Willie IRG Collins
  3. Churchroyd Gwen 18 s. Lemongrove Belagio IRG Collins

Senior Cow

  1. Hutchinwood Lido Sweetrose 23 s. Nixis Lido Messrs Fleetwood
  2. Churchroyd Heather 74 s. Drisgol Madonnas Prince IRG Collins

Group of Three

  1. IRG Collins
  2. IRG Collins
  3. A Wilkes
  4. D Craig
  5. Messrs Fleetwood
  6. M Jackson

Pair by Same Sire, out of the Same Dam or Dam and Daughter

  1. Churchroyd King Willie IRG Collins
  2. Churchroyd King Willie Messrs’ Fleetwood
  3. Oxton Clarity D Craig
  4. Oxton Clarity V Bowman
  5. Bilbro Heather 2 & Bilbro Heather 4 M Jackson
  6. Oxton Clarity D Throup

CHAMPION: Churchroyd Gentle 105                                                                     IRG Collins
Oxton Winfall Foggathorpe 852 – Oxton Farms
Kidstones Lady Laura 20 – A Wilkes

JUNIOR CHAMPION: Kidstones Lady Laura 20 – A Wilkes
Churchroyd Nicola 20 – IRG Collins

CALF CHAMPION: Oxton Ronald Serene 14 – Oxton Farms

RESERVE: Bilbro Butterbur 6 – M Jackson