Dairy Shorthorn

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Leek & District Show 2022

30th July 2022 | Judge: David Madeley
Leek & District Show David Madeley
Judge David Madeley with the Champion and Reserve

Calf born in 2022
1st   Burbrook Pure Class Meg 3 – s: Churchroyd Pure Class – RW Harper
2nd   Cotonhall Bambam Kirklevington – s: Cotonhall Bambam – RD Kite

Heifers born in 2021
1st   Rowanmoor Lilac Lilly – s: Breckney Graham – P Jepson
2nd   Weaverdale Duchess Ann – s: Churchroyd Pure Class – GW & SM Pattinson
3rd   Cotonhall Jedi Tulip – s: Glencliffe JP Jedi – P Jepson
4th   Burbrook Pure Class Meg 2 – s: Churchroyd Pure Class – RW Harper

Heifer in calf under 3 years
1st   Cotonhall Blitz Joyce – s: Cotonhall Blitz – GW & SM Pattinson
2nd   Rantonall Briar 8 – s: Mancetter Veracious Prince – D Winnington
3rd   Burbrook Pure Class Pamela – s: Churchroyd Pure Class – RW Harper
4th   Greatwood Ada 3 – s: Hooton Fair Resolve – J French

Dry Cow
1st   Cotonhall Jackpot Scarlet – s: Cotonhall Jackpot – P Jepson

Heifer in milk
1st   Cotonhall Dynamic Empress – s: Cotonhall Dynamic – RD Kite

Cow in milk
1st   Cotonhall Duchess Anne – s: Cotonhall Joyland – RD Kite
2nd   Rantonall Kirklevington 37 – s: Rantonall Jethro – D Winnington
3rd   Rantonall Wild Primrose 45 – s: Rantonall Dignity – D Winnington
4th   Amber Lucina 108 – s: Amber Lightening – P Jepson

1st   Rantonall Kirklevington 37 | Rantonall Wild Primrose 45 – D Winnington
2nd   Cotonhall Dynamic Empress | Cotonhall Duchess Anne – RD Kite
3rd   Rantonall Fairy 48 | Greatwood Strawberry Dairy Maid – J French
4th   Cotonhall Jackpot Scarlet | Amber Lucina 108 – P Jepson

Cotonhall Dynamic Empress – s: Cotonhall Dymanic – RD Kite
Cotonhall Duchess Anne – s: Cotonhall Joyland – RD Kite