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Royal Cheshire Show 2019

Judge: Neil Madeley | Rosemary Reigns Supreme at Cheshire |
Tanat Rosemary 2 - Champion
Tanat Rosemary 2 - Champion

This years ninth National Dairy Shorthorn show saw first time exhibitor Frank Bailey presented with the trophy when Tanat Rosemary 2 was tapped forward by Judge Neil Madeley, Nejay Herd, Bridgnorth.  “She embodied what I look for in the shorthorn breed, well balanced, beautiful bone quality and great confirmation in the udder, she was the obvious choice for me today.”

Cotonhall Landmine Princess Anne - Reserve Champion
Cotonhall Landmine Princess Anne - Reserve Champion

Tanat Rosemary 2nd VG86, calved her third at the beginning of January, her first heifer calf by Irthingvale Megaman. The Bailey family already feel this daughter is one to watch out for in the future. Having completed 7,272litres 4.24%BF and 3.01%P in her second lactation Rosemary is currently giving 30kgs daily and is back in calf to Blackwood Park Butternut. Neil admired “the dairyness throughout, bone quality plus the silkiness and correctness in the udder”. Cheshire was Rosemary’s second outing this year having won her class before going on to be Reserve Breed Champion at Carlisle Expo. Interbreed Judge Seimon Thomas agreed with the first days judging as he tapped forward Frank Bailey for Reserve Interbreed Honours on day two of the show “this modern dairy shorthorn is so clean lined and correct throughout, she deserved to be acknowledged”.

This years Reserve Honours went to the Kite family with Cotonhall Landmine Princess Anne VG86 owned in partnership with Colin Tiso.  Sired by Panorama Landmine she produced 6,946litres with 4.07%BF and 3.25%P in 305days as a heifer before calving her second in February.  She is currently giving 38kgs daily and back in calf to Cotonhall Joyland.  “This super cow displayed great dairy strength and style on parade that she was hard to miss in the class.  The sheer size and capacity, sweep of rib and cleanliness through the shoulders of this powerhouse edged her into the top spot for me”.  She has only been shown once previously at UK Dairy Day and was placed first as a heifer in milk before being tapped forward as Honourable Mention in 2017.  Her dam Elkington Princess Anne EX93 has been a fantastic eye catching cow in the Cotonhall herd and her daughter is surely following in her footsteps.

The Harper family rounded out the Championship trio with the Junior Champion Drisgol Belladonna 349th.   This heifer continued her success from Stafford show as Neil placed her top in an “extremely difficult class” of six heifers in milk of different type and stage of lactation.  Leading off with Belladonna “she has a phenomenal body, paraded on great legs and feet with superb veination in the fore udder.”  Bought as an in calf heifer from the Society Sale at Beeston in October 2018, she calved in March at 2years old.  From the Drisgol herd of Seimon Thomas she is by a homebred bull Drisgol Mabel’s Master. Seimon had a difficult job the following day facing his own homebred heifer in the Interbreed, so Mrs Helen Herd had to be called into to referee the final decision.  Both agreed that “this sweet well balanced heifer with a fantastic crease in the udder and bone quality” edged her into Reserve Interbreed spot.

Reserve Heifer was awarded to Irthingvale Ronson Tulip from Graham and Barbara Bell.  Only days fresh after calving a heifer calf by Cor-Bloo Ricochet, Tulip was placed second in the heifer in milk class.   Neil comments that “this heifer has super potential and is so correct that she had to be near the top of the class”.  Sired by Shorthorn Sires UK bull Rodway Ronson EX90 and out of Irthingvale LJE Tulip her pedigree has generations of Excellent cows on both sides.  This heifer surely has a bright future.

This years Champion calf went to another first time exhibitor Martin Tidmarsh with Foldspride Lady Rose by Churchroyd King Willie EX92.  “This superb white heifer paraded with such style and grace around the ring she was an easy winner today.  For such a young calf she was well grown, displayed great balance, capacity and bone quality, I see a great future for this youngster.” Out of Tahuna Lady Rose 7th VG86 from David Jackson,  this is the second win for the March born calf after making her debut at Stafford show three weeks ago.

Other class winners saw Martin Tidmarsh win the dry cow class with Irthingvale Ernie Wildmaid who is coming with her second.  “The power and size of this young cow is phenomenal, tracking on a good set of legs and feet it was a shame she had no competition in the class being the only one forward.”  Martin also found himself presented with the red rosette in the in calf heifer class with Cotonhall Jackpot Starlet who he bought in last year.  “This heifer had great balance and dairy strength that I felt she had to be top today.”  Rob Kite found himself first in the senior cow in milk class with Cotonhall Pingerley Sonnschein EX91.  She calved her fourth in December and has not graced the show ring since 2013.  “This sweet senior cow had style on parade, was clean through the front end and had a lovely high and wide rear udder full of milk.”

In the more competitive calf classes Lucy Hollingsworth battled her way into first with Amber Rosie Belle 15th sired by Amber Stockman.  This April born calf  won the senior calf class “displaying great dairy strength, correctness in the rump and stronger over the top which gave her the advantage today.”  Finally Rob Kite was placed  into the top spot with Cotonhall Prophet Duchess Ann an intermediate calf born in August. This was her first outing and her first major success as on day two Helen Herd placed her Supreme Interbreed Calf Champion.  “She oozes the dairy qualities I look for, balance, length and promising underneath, this is a super calf and one to watch.”  In the group classes Rob Kite again stood top of the progeny class with a pair sired by Panorama Landmine whilst Richard Harper and family took home the first prize in the group of three.

Continuing in the limelight on day two Richard Harper had success in the Interbreed classes with Burbrook Jinny’s Meg standing Reserve Interbreed Champion in the Cheshire Hunt Open classes and alongside daughter Burbrook Ronson Meg in the Best Mother and Daughter class.  The icing on the cake at the end of the show was the Dairy Shorthorns reigning triumphant in the group of four.  The group comprised of Cotonhall Pingerley Sonnschein, Ashgrove Blossom, Burbrook Lily Pamela and Burbrook Jinny’s Meg.

Every year the exhibitors continue to pull out the stops and make the National Show a pleasure to be at.  Congratulations to all involved.

Junior Calf
1.    Foldspride Lady Rose – s. Churchroyd King Willie – M Tidmarsh
2.    Cotonhall Joyland Dewdrop – s. Cotonhall Joyland – R Kite
3.    Kayl Pride Spottie – s. Llandovery Prides Prophet – J Brooks

Intermediate Calf
1.    Cotonhall Prophet Duchess Ann – s. Llandovery Prides Prophet – R Kite
2.    Foldspride Butternut Tulip – s. Blackwood Park Butternut – M Tidmarsh
3.     Cotonhall Felix Sienna – s. Oxton Felix – R Kite
4.    Amber Barrington Iris 226 – s. Amber Domino – J Hole

Senior Calf
1.    Amber Rosie Belle 15 s. Amber Stockman – L Hollingsworth
2.    Kayl St Baroness s. Lynmark St Clare  – J Brooks
3.    Burbrook Ronson Meg s. Rodway Ronson – R Harper
4.    Cotonhall Joyland Hayley s. Cotonhall Joyland – J Brooks
5.    Amber Dainty Princess 269 s. Amber Stockman – J Hole

In Calf Heifer
1.    Cotonhall Jackpot Starlet – s. Cotonhall Jackpot – M Tidmarsh
2.    Lisnamulligan Lady Laura 8 – s. Churchroyd Percy – G & B Bell
3.    Amber Princess Anne 118 – s. Step Red – J Hole

Cow In Calf
1.    Irthingvale Ernie Wildmaid – s. Nejay Ernie – M Tidmarsh

Heifer In Milk
1.    Drisgol Belladonna 329 – s. Drisgol Mabels Master – R Harper
2.    Irthingvale Ronson Tulip – s. Rodway Ronson – G & B Bell
3.    Cotonhall Landmine Cherry – s. Panorama Landmine – R Kite
4.    Morwood Miss Mere 2 – s. Treeton Pimp – R Morgan
5.    Morwood Rena 3 – s. Treeton Pingerley – R Morgan
6.    Brinsbury Gentle 8 – s. Hooton Envoy – F Bailey

Junior Cow In Milk
1.    Cotonhall Landmine Princess Anne – s. Panorama Landmine – R Kite
2.    Burbrook Jinny’s Meg – s. Llandovery Jinnys Empire – R Harper
3.    Ashgrove Blossom – s. Strickley Empire – R Morgan
4.    Burbrook Lily Pamela – s. Tiger Lily Ladd – R Harper

Intermediate Cow In Milk
1.    Tanat Rosemary 2 – s. April Day Wisconsin Red – F Bailey
2.    Tabley Moss Rose – s. Broadlane King Louis – M Tidmarsh

Senior Cow In Milk
1.    Cotonhall Pingerley Sonnschein – s. Treeton Pingerley – R Kite

Progeny Pair
1.    Panorama Landmine – R Kite

Group Of Three
1.    R Harper
2.    R Morgan
3.    R Kite
4.    J Brooks
5.    M Tidmarsh

SUPREME CHAMPION: Tanat Rosemary 2 – F Bailey
RESERVE CHAMPION: Cotonhall Landmine Princess Anne – R Kite
HONOURABLE MENTION: Drisgol Belladonna 349 – R Harper

JUNIOR CHAMPION: Drisgol Belladonna 349 – R Harper
CALF CHAMPION: Foldspride Lady Rose – M Tidmarsh