Dairy Shorthorn

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Royal Cornwall Show 2022

9th, 10th & 11th June 2022 | Judge: Mr I Collins

Class – Heifer Born on or after 1 April 2021
1st   Cargenwen Crumple 12 – S: Ballytrain Bullseye – Mr JT Rowe
2nd   Cargenwen Little Jane 112 – S: Oxton Clarity – Mr JT Rowe
3rd   Cargenwen Little Jane 111 – S: Oxton Clarity – Mr JT Rowe

Class – Cow, any age in milk or dry
1st Cargenwen Little Jane 95 – S: Nixs Lido – Mr JT Rowe
2nd Cargenwen Fillpail 44 – S: Winhall William – Mr JT Rowe