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Royal Highland Show 2019

Cactus 30 Claims The Crown at Royal Highland |
Winbrook Cactus 30 - Champion
Winbrook Cactus 30 - Champion

Winbrook Cactus 30th was tapped out as this years overall breed champion by Judge Rob Boote, Kayl Herd, Cheshire. “She was a clear winner for me today, catching my eye as she entered her class full of milk and well balanced, she had to be Champion.” Cactus 30th is owned by Adam Lawson and joined the Lisnamulligan family from David Dents May 2017 Dispersal.

Irthingelt Talula 2 - Reserve Champion
Irthingelt Talula 2 - Reserve Champion

Winbrook Cactus VG88 won the junior cow in milk class before claiming the Championship. Currently giving 42kgs daily after calving her third back in May she has had three bulls in a row. Adam has kept and reared the last two, Lisnamulligan Chief by Winhall William and LisnamulliganCasino by Oxton Winfall, as the dam is such a consistent performer in and out of the parlour. Sired by Winbrook Pedro EX91 the Cactus family has an impressive pedigree history that it is not surprising to find her top of the class. “She entered the ring and paraded with such style, her udder was full of milk, with exceptional height and width of rear udder, correctness in the teats and dairyness right through.”. She stood first as a heifer in milk here back in 2017 and was second last year but this is the first major victory for the cow that clearly keeps improving with age.

Reserve Champion and Overall Exhibitor Bred Champion fell to last years Champion Irthingelt Talula 2nd from Thomas Moscrop and family. Rob Boote commented that “she impressed me as soon as she entered the ring, milking in her fifth lactation, this is a true working dairy shorthorn, shehas great capacity and dairy strength.” Irthingelt Talula 2nd VG88 is currently giving 34kgs daily having calved a heifer calf by Cor-Bloo Ricochet back in January. Rob states that she was placed top of the senior cow in milk class because “she is a powerhouse of a cow with great mobility which just gave her the edge over the other two extremely well put together fifth calvers in the class.”

Lismulligan Fairy 16 - Junior Champion & Honourable Mention
Lismulligan Fairy 16 - Junior Champion & Honourable Mention

Honourable Mention was awarded to the Junior Champion and first placed heifer in milk Lisnamulligan Fairy 16. Another class winner from the long string of Dairy Shorthorns brought forward from the Lawson family. Sired by Shorthorn Sires UK bull Winhall William the Fairy family traces back to the Eaves herd and is consistently backed by VG and EX cows. In a difficult class Rob placed Fairy first for “sheer bloom of udder, she was full of milk with tremendous stretch and great legs and feet”. Fairy calved her first, a heifer by Winbrook King Kirk in May, she is currently milking 24kgs daily. This is the first major win for this promising young heifer but not her first victory. She was Champion any other breed and reserve overall dairy at a local show merely three weeks ago.

Further class results saw Adam Lawson stand top of the calf class with Lisnamulligan Princess Anne 15th sired by Churchroyd Percy. “There was very little between the calves at the top of this superb line up of seven animals forward. The first placed calf just had the edge for her length and style on parade over a very uniformed bunch that were hard to split”. Born in June 2018 this smart calf looks set to have a great future. Next up was the in calf heifer class which also saw the Lawsonfamily top with Lisnamulligan Lady Barrington 7. A daughter of Winhall William who has been a success in the Lisnamulligan herd she is out of Lisnamulligan Lady Barrington 4 who has numerousshow successes under her cap. Lady Barrington 7 was second here last year in the calf class and looks set to keep blossoming. To top off the Lawson family’s golden show they went on to win the pairs class with Winbrook Cactus 30 and Lisnamulligan Fairy 16 “two great milking cows that matched in style and dairyness”.

Congratulations to all the exhibitors for yet another successful show at the Royal Highland. You always shine and represent the breed to its best. Thank you.


Maiden Heifer

  1. Lisnamulligan Princess Anne 15 – s Churchroyd Percy – A Lawson
  2. Newpark Margaret 33 – s. Oxton Clarity – D Craig
  3. Irthingelt Fairy Princess 7 – s. Blackwood Park Butternut – T Moscrop
  4. Parkhouse Pansy 7 – s. Oxton Clarity – V Bowman
  5. Newpark Snowdrop 35 – s. Oxton Clarity – D Craig
  6. Lisnamulligan Lady Laura 9 – s Churchroyd Percy – A Lawson
  7. Newpark Margaret 34 – s. Winbrook Vince – D Craig

Heifer In Calf

  1. Lisnamulligan Lady Barrington 7 – s. Winhall William – A Lawson
  2. Newpark Margaret 31 – s. Newpark Jean’s Enterprise – D Craig
  3. Winbrook Cactus 32 – s. Winbrook Nixon – L Craig
  4. Irthingelt Princess Anne 2 – s. Irthingelt Alex – T Moscrop

Heifer In Milk

  1. Lisnamulligan Fairy 16 – s. Winhall William A Lawson
  2. Irthingelt Vi 5  – s. Blissful Teds Spurgeon T Moscrop
  3. Winbrook Vi 171 – s. Winbrook Pedro – L Craig

Junior Cow In Milk

  1. Winbrook Cactus 30 – s. Winbrook Pedro – A Lawson
  2. Lisnamulligan Lady Rosemary 2 – s. Hooton Envoy – A Lawson

Senior Cow In Milk

  1. Irthingelt Talula 2 – s. Skyhigh Hartland – T Moscrop
  2. Lisnamulligan Lady Barrington 3 – s: Hooton Fair Reflection – A Lawson
  3. Winbrook Vi 143 – s. Marleycote Thunder – A Lawson


  1. A Lawson
  2. A Lawson
  3. D Craig

CHAMPION: Winbrook Cactus 30 – A Lawson
RESERVE CHAMPION: Irthingelt Talula 2 – T Moscrop
HONOURABLE MENTION: Lisnamulligan Fairy 16 – A Lawson
JUNIOR CHAMPION: Lisnamulligan Fairy 16 – A Lawson
RESERVE JUNIOR: Irthingelt Vi 5 – T Moscrop
HONOURABLE MENTION: Lisnamulligan Princess Anne 15 – A Lawson