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Royal Welsh Show 2019

22nd – 25th July 2019 | Judge: Will Slade |
Elkington Dewdrop 30 - Champion
Elkington Dewdrop 30 - Champion

In the stunning Welsh valley this years Royal show welcomed one hundred years in style.  From beginning to end there was a celebration of all things agriculture headed by the Show and our Dairy Shorthorn President, Seimon Thomas.  It became only fitting that Judge Will Slade, Brimclose herd, Devon tapped out Drisgol Church Daisy 5 from the Thomas family as Supreme Breed Champion.  “This cow is a fantastic breed example, dairy, correct and displaying the longevity the breed is renowned for.  Neither my Champion nor my Reserve have anything to prove, these cows are a testament to why we breed Dairy Shorthorns.”

Elkington Dewdrop 27
Elkington Dewdrop 27

Drisgol Church Daisy 5 EX93 sired by Panorama Landmine stood top of the senior cow in milk class.  “She had to be first for the cleanness through the front end, superior teat quality and how well she tracked over the fellow sixth calved cow.”  Currently milking in her sixth lactation Daisy calved on 26 October a heifer by Panorama Anticipation, she is back in calve to SSUK bull Bushmills Jazz.  “This cow is a credit to the breed and had to be my Champion today”  This is not the first major win for this cow who won the Welsh Dairy show last year.

Reserve Champion went to Elkington Amber Princess 10 EX96 winner of the dry cow class.  The only one forward but this “tall powerful dairy animal is a great example for the breed I would very much like to see her in milk.”  Bred by the Davis family this Loughdale Rising Star Red daughter is currently carrying her ninth calf.  She now resides at the Morwood herd of Rob Morgan and family after being bought from a Society Show and Sale as a second calver.  She has since gone on to be a firm family favourite.  Calving like clock work every February and with no health problems to date Amber Princess is a prime example of the type of cow the Morgan family want to breed and so they put her on a flush program.   The flush was to Hooton Envoy and has produced four heifers and one bull.  She is now back in calf to Blackwood Park Butternut and due in August.  She is certainly no stranger to the show ring having won multiple classes at various shows her most notable being Reserve Champion here a couple of years ago.

Further class results saw the Thomas family first in the maiden heifer class with Drisgol Belladonna  368.  “This heifer was so well balanced with great capacity” for a calf born in March 2018.  This Blackwood Park Butternut daughter makes her debut here and what a start.  Coupled with the second placed maiden, Drisgol Belladonna 363 now owned by the Crank family, this pair went on to win Reserve Interbreed Future Pairs class under the scrutiny of Interbreed Judge Meurig James.  A very promising start for the youngsters they are certainly a duo to watch out for.

The Junior Championship was won by the in calf heifer class winner Drisgol Fanny 67 owned by the Crank family.  “This heifer had a great sweep of rib, cleanness through the shoulder and lovely promise underneath”  Sired by Blackwood Park Butternut this heifer also makes her debut at the 100th Royal Welsh.  She is due in September to Gelli Pendulum.  Following as Reserve Junior Champion was the winner from the heifer in milk class Drisgol Belladonna 350.  A daughter of Llandovery Prides Prophet she calved her first, a heifer by Drisgol Bruno, in March at two years old.  Previous class wins were at Burwarton, Pembrokeshire  and the Welsh Dairy Show in 2018. “This heifer was the most balanced in a difficult class, she paraded well and had the great height in the rear udder”.  Elkington Dewdrop 27 from the Davis family won the junior cow in milk class. “She had such length and cleanness through the front end, she paraded on the best legs and feet in the class and had the best width in the rear udder with great bloom on the day.”  In the 25,000kgs class “I led off with my overall Champion followed by the Overall Reserve as these are two tremendous cows”.  The final class of the day was the group which was won by the Thomas family with three milking cows which “where more even in type than the other impressive group in second”.

Congratulations to all the exhibitors for yet another great show especially as Dairy Shorthorn numbers were up on last years entry.  The cattle were a credit to you all.  Here’s to next year!


Maiden Heifer

  1. Drisgol Belladonna 368 – s. Blackwood Park Butternut – SVB & EA Thomas
  2. Drisgol Belladonna 363 – s. Panorama Anticipation – Messrs Crank
  3. Crugside Butternut Duchess – s. Blackwood Park Butternut – CR Rees & Sons
  4. Crugside Butternut Starlet – s. Blackwood Park Butternut – CR Rees & Sons
  5. Morwood Amber Princess 5 – s. Llandovery Prides Prophet – RST & SA Morgan

Heifer In Calf

  1. Drisgol Fanny 67 – s. Blackwood Park Butternut – Messrs Crank
  2. Drisgol Ruby 68 – s. Teyel Beauty Debutant – SVB & EA Thomas
  3. Nejay Erin 11 – s. Rodway Bomber – Dave Madeley
  4. Morwood Lady Hermione 4 – s. Lemon Grove Hoffman – RST & SA Morgan
  5. Crugside Butternut Vi – s. Blackwood Park Butternut – CR Rees & Sons

Heifer In Milk

  1. Drisgol Belladonna 350 – s. Treeton Pingerley – SVB & SA Thomas
  2. Morwood Zahara – s. Treeton Pingerley – RST & SA Morgan
  3. Crugside Thunder Digitalis – s. Marleycote Thunder – CR Rees & Sons

Dry Cow

  1. Elkington Amber Princess 10 – s. Loughdale Rising Star Red – RST & SA Morgan

Junior Cow In Milk

  1. Elkington Dewdrop 27 – s. Trebersed Nelson – MS & EAE Davis
  2. Drisgol Belladonna 275 – s. Gelli Prince Charles – SVB & EA Thomas
  3. Ashgrove Blossom 2 – s. Strickley Empire – RST & SA Morgan

Senior Cow In Milk

  1. Drisgol Church Daisy – s. Panorama Landmine – SVB & EA Thomas
  2. Westonia Gay Lass 5 – s. Nejay Ernie – R Morgan & R Stockton


  1. SVB & EA Thomas
  2. RST & SA Morgan

CHAMPION: Drisgol Church Daisy 5 – SVB & EA Thomas

RESERVE: Elkington Amber Princess 10 – RST & SA Morgan

JUNIOR CHAMPION: Drisgol Fanny 67 – Messrs Crank

RESERVE JUNIOR: Drisgol Belladonna 350 – SVB & EA Thomas