North East Region Present

North East Region Present - A reason giving training day, stock judging and herd walk Hosted by kind permission of Oxton Farms 10:30am - Saturday 13th May Oxton, Tadcaster, North Yorkshire. LS24 8DU

Shorthorn AGM 2023

Hosted By Kind Permission of H Rees & Family Young Members Weekend Saturday Night BBQ and Drinks AGM 11am Sunday Judging Day Crugside Herd Walk Master Judge: Mr Stuart Williams 10 & 11th JUNE - LLANDOVERY, CARMARTHEN SA20 0RE Accommodation in Llandovery | Everyone Welcome

Books and Sale Catalogues for Sale

Here is the list of books and sale catalogues which are open to offers by the seller. 1) Shorthorn Breeders - Review 1937 published by The Shorthorn Society 2) The Scotch Shorthorn 1946 - Herds of Scotland, England and Wales 1945-1947 by T B Marson 3) The Hopton Herd of...